The Top Rice Cooker That I Bought

Normally I would go for simplicity. The simple method/appliances just to get the meal cooked. This is due to my phobia for long instructions of use. I would avoid sophisticated appliances at all cost, but it is not the case with the Zojirushi NP-NVC10 rice cooker model. In fact, I am falling more in love each day of its use.

Personally, I am a lover of rice; especially rice prepared the right way. This ascertains the fact that I make rice quite often and I can bet my family enjoys the meal quite as much. Through all my years of cooking rice, I have always desired to make it the best. I have tried numerous recipes and cookers. But none has since out done this one. Nothing cooks rice like the Zojirushi NP-NVC10 rice cooker does.

After a long time going through all kinds of top rice cooker reviews this one caught my attention. At its purchase I thought it rather complicated: one would easily get confused at its appearance, not until I got to try it in my kitchen. Normally I have a massive distrust for appliances with preset functions. Most of them will not deliver to the letter and I like being a little more involved in the cooking. However, for his rice cooker the preset functions delivers to the point. It has got all the preset functions you could ask for and it makes cooking so much easier and fun.

I found it manual and instructions rather easy to follow. They were clear that any standard cook would follow up with no problem. With it also come with recipes for common rice types which will make life so easy for a starter cook.

I decided to prepare brown rice for a start. Through following the simple manual and the recipe I put up all the ingredients in the require measurements, set the timer and other preset functions and started the cooker.

You will be amazed at how silent the cooker is while in operation. At first I was driven to think that no cooking was taking place. For the brown rice one is supposed to set the timer for six minutes according to the instructions. After which another ten minutes are necessary before unbolting the lid: to allow the rice to complete cooking under the pressure.

I was amazed by the results. I had never tasted rice so delicious. This rice cooker sure gets the job done right. I turned to the warm function to keep the rice warm until it was dinner time.

The rice cooker has a flat interior, which increases the ease of cleaning. it can easily be wiped clean. The coating on the interior is also very essential at repelling dust. Its inner stainless cooking pan can easily be detached for cleaning.

It’s been a long time now and breakage is not a factor I would highlight for the Zojirushi NP-NVC10. It has proven its durability and its result are constant over time. It doesn’t frustrate.

This rice cooker is the best. Try it out. It won’t disappoint.

Cooking with a rice cooker


Feeding children when they are picky can be a real pain. My older son never gave me a problem when it came to eating and he would eat anything you put in front of him. Sure, he did not like some vegetables like broccoli, but to be honest, who does. But, if prodded enough, he would still eat it. My younger son is a whole different story. He will refuse to eat what he does not like regardless of the amount of prodding and promise of treats afterwards. He will throw tantrums and shove vegetables to the floor when offered. Finally, I gave in and did not serve him vegetables.

But on talking to my neighbor, she suggested something she had tried with her kids. She said that I should try cooking some vegetables and serve them with some sauce and rice. No one else in my family eats rice and so I started to look for the best rated electric rice cookers to start cooking rice. I steamed some vegetables right above the rice in the rice cooker using the steaming attachment. I made a Chinese style orange sesame sauce and served it to him with the rice. To my surprise, he gobbled it up without a problem. I could not thank my neighbor enough. She had shown me a whole new way to cook- with a rice cooker. The rice also kept him full for longer and made for a heavy meal. Eventually, I started to use the rice cooker to steam the vegetables as well as it came with a steaming tray. Then, I would add the sauce on the rice and vegetables.

The rice cooker is great and I did not realize how much I had been missing by not having one all these years. I drop an egg in with the rice when I want a perfectly boiled egg. Another way my son loves his vegetables is in an omelette or frittata and the rice cooker is great at cooking those. I can even use it to cook oatmeal and clean up is easier than using a crock pot due to the non stick surface of the cooker.

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How I Accidentally Broke My Aroma Rice Cooker

Throughout my experiences with people in general, most tend to be really clumsy and reckless with their belongings in my opinion, others are real careful and weary. Well I think I walk a thin line that’s directly divided right down the middle of both. When I do occasionally break stuff I get pretty mad but usually cool off after a couple hours then eat some good food…usually. I can’t say that was the case last week when I accidently broke the most expensive and best Aroma rice cooker I have.

That’s probably not a huge deal for most people but when you’re always steaming rice on the regular for a family of six, your plate seems pretty full. It seemed even lighter when I was cooking up inside the kitchen with something real efficient and easy-to-use. I think the only time I got that flawless experience is when I was using the best product on the market. That’s right, you better believe I was steaming over 10 cups in 1 sitting alone! Sadly, that all ended after I thought it would be great Idea to potentially push the cookers limit a little too far.

At this point the rice had ultimately gotten the best of me and I was fully addicted to the rice life! Whether it was Breakfast, lunch, or dinner; I was always eating straight out of the best rated Aroma rice cooker. A week later, everything was normal as any day as I was steaming about 8 cups of brown rice to last the entire evening but something popped into my curious mind and said “hey, try more”. It was that sudden urge to led me in an attempt to humorously conquer the rice and I really couldn’t comprehend it. I’d be lying to you if I said I hadn’t fell victim to my food and the utter beauty of my cooker glistening with a slight-purple stainless steel tint encompassing its sleek cooking mystique.

In my rice cookers final auspicious moments, I was cooking a meal for my brother Jack but had forgotten to check the rice. I told him to add 5 more cups of water and few cups of more rice because I was going to add some meat to the mix after it was prepared, that was the worse thing I could’ve done. I think we had a slight disagreement on what a “few” meant and my irrational measurements I explained to him were really due to the splurge of excitement I had while using my new digital rice cooker.

After exactly 25 minutes, not a minute after, the water inside my brand new cooker suddenly overflowed onto my phone that I was charging which I think was an even worse mistake I made that day. So I took off to try and stop it from sparking or catching fire but slipped and accidentally pulled the cooker into the sink right by where I fell; completely ruined it. Through the midst of everything, trying to cook a good meal caused me to short-circuit the plug outlet and fuses. In the end, my fulfilling cooking moments were short lived but once I gather up some more cash I’ll back like nothing ever happened; no doubt about it.

The Best Mini Rice Cooker I Ever Had

When I moved to my perfect single room new apartment the previous month from my mother’s three bedroom mansion, the first thing that i bought right after paying the rent was a basic small rice cooker. My girlfriend at the time, who was a chef at a four star Chinese restaurant, loved brown rice and beans as her favorite dish. The cooker was very simple to use as all i needed to do what measure two parts water for every one part of rice, put both into the rice cooker pan and hit the on button. When all the water evaporates, the rice cooker went off on its own.

More often than not, the quality of rice was inconsistent because sometimes the rice stuck to the bottom of the pan while towards the top, the rice would be half cooked. We realized much to our consternation that cooking brown rice required a different approach. We began scouring phone directories and the internet for a better replacement for our disappointing rice cooker. And after about three weeks, as I was heading home from work, I went shopping at a new department store that had just opened two blocks from where we lived. I stumbled upon a friend who encouraged me to purchase what I believe is the best mini rice cooker I have ever used.
mini rice cooker
Our new three cup mini rice cooker had all the bells and whistles and had built in microprocessors that varied the temperature throughout the cooking cycle thus ensuring my rice was evenly cooked. Though it cooked rice a bit slower than its cheaper predecessor, it had built in soaking and resting times which, again, ensured that the quality of cooked rice was second to none. It has changed our culinary experiences since there are different digital settings for different types of rice. Best of all, the rice cooker alerts us when the rice is ready using a melodic alarm. It has definitely changed the way we cook and enjoy rice and I intend to use the mini rice cooker for many more days to come.